Environment and Special Needs Services


New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

This organization does such awesome work and advocacy for the outdoors, public lands, and the environment as a whole, right in our back yard. It provides a voice for our most precious resources, and has championed several large environmental wins. Check out their “Victories” page on their website to see for yourself.


Mandy's Farm

This organization advocates for adults and children with differing abilities. Much of what it does is centered around individual growth, utilizing the outdoors and farming as a learning and growing tool. It also is one of the loudest advocates for paying people with special needs a living wage. The farm houses all sorts of animals (chickens, horses, llamas, baby goats, and the list goes on). Every Spring, there's a day of service to get some of the grunt work done - you'll see us there!

Austin holding a baby goat at Mandy's Farm

Austin holding a baby goat at Mandy's Farm

Let's work together

With our representation, you're automatically supporting these organizations. We'd love to work with you, and are blessed to be able to support so many incredible initiatives.