Food and Health Assurance

Living in Downtown Albuquerque, we've witnessed the impacts of two organizations firsthand. One provides health and dental care to individuals experiencing homelessness, and the other aggressively addresses hunger disparities in New Mexico.


Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless

This organization provides health and dental services to individuals experiencing homelessness. In addition to this, they have social and behavioral health services, and provide an open art studio, all free of charge to clients. In their fiscal year 2013/14, they served more than 5,300 people in multiple capacities.


Roadrunner Food Bank

The Roadrunner Food Bank has been a staple in addressing New Mexico’s food shortages. In any given week, this organization provides more than 70,000 meals across the state. RRFB is also expanding fresh foods available to New Mexicans, it assists with applications for WIC and SNAP benefits, and offers low cost dental care. It's much more than a food distribution center, and it's such an important resource in New Mexico.


Let's work together

By supporting our community, we'll all grow together. Everything is intricately connected, and these organizations are the lifeblood of New Mexico. We're honored to support them along the way.